Google recently made an announcement to end the Free Business Email subscription by June 27, 2022. In case if you are wondering which free edition, we are talking about the free business emails being offered by Google way before 2012. Yes. Prior to 2012, Google use to offer 10 business email (each email worth 15 GB space) to a single domain free of cost.

This Free legacy scheme ended in December 2012, when Google started charging for all the new business emails that were being issued. However, the businesses that had already registered their emails under Free Legacy edition were allowed to continue the businesses with same free emails till recently.

In January 31, 2022, Google announced and informed all the Free Legacy users that their free legacy edition will end by June 2022. Below is the screenshot of the email sent by Google to its users.

What steps need to be taken:

Well, Google informs that the users who are still using the Free Legacy Edition upgrade to Google Workspace. This needs to be done before June 27 (the timeline has been extended from May 1 to June 27). One needs to login to the admin console and setup the billing for the upgrade. Failing to do so will result in suspension of the emails.

There is practically no middle way to ensure free business email services from Google.

Still looking for Free Business Emails?

However, to those who are still looking forward to free business emails, there are few other companies who provide these services, with Zoho leading the way. The Forever Free plan of Zoho, provides businesses with 5 business emails with storage of 5 GB each. You can also check other service providers to shortlist the one which suits your business needs.

What Resurgam recommends?

To all our customers and audience reading this blog, we at Resurgam “RECOMMEND TO CONTINUE YOUR GSUITE SUBSCRIPTION AND UPGRADE FOR AN ENHANCED BUSINESS EXPERIENCE.”  The benefits offered by the Google Workspace is worth the price being paid. The ad free email experience with 30 GB of cloud storage per user along with synchronization of utility apps like Google Chat, Google Meet, Google Calendar etc. is an amazing deal offered by Google.

In case if you are a new user, consider purchasing Google Workspace Subscription to enhance your professional experience. You can buy the subscription here>>