Surging Donations through Wordpress

Through re-designing the entire website to include a better donor journey by creating donor-friendly features, is helping Child Vision Foundation receive better donations and provide great support to its donors.


Child Vision Foundation, a prominent NGO dedicated to child welfare in India, sought to enhance its impact by creating an interactive and impactful website. They needed a platform to generate donations, catalogue their ongoing projects, and engage volunteers. Budget sustainability was a critical consideration for the NGO.


Increase in donations within one month

The successful implementation of the new website brought about remarkable outcomes for CVF. Within just one month, donations received surged by a staggering 350%. The user-friendly interface and seamless donation processes significantly enhanced donor engagement, leading to increased support and funding for the NGO’s child welfare initiatives.

Services Provided

Our team designed and developed a fully responsive WordPress website, optimizing server resources for cost-effectiveness. The website boasted a range of features to facilitate seamless donor engagement and support the NGO’s mission:

  • Cause Management: Comprehensive information on all causes, with donation goals and an option for donors to contribute towards achieving these goals.
  • Donation Form: A detailed and secure donation form, collecting donor information, including PAN numbers, and offering multiple payment gateways.
  • Offline Donations: Donors could opt for offline contributions using UPI/Bank details listed on the website.
  • Email Receipts: Automatic donation receipts sent to donors, providing transaction details for their records.
  • Recurring Donations: Donors could exercise full control over recurring contributions based on their preferences.
  • Tribute Donations: Personalized tributes, such as “In honour of” or “In memory of,” for meaningful donations.
  • Donor Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard for donors to monitor their contributions and engagement.
  • Mailchimp Integration: Seamless integration with MailChimp for efficient email newsletters.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Integration with Active Campaign and Salesforce to streamline donor relationship management.
  • Image Galleries: Custom galleries for showcasing media, events, and awards.
  • Job Board: Efficient management of staff recruitment vacancies.
  • Success Stories: A platform for administrators to highlight successful cases and impact stories.
  • Reporting: Administrators gained access to detailed reports, including revenue insights, average donations, donor profiles, payment methods, and transaction statuses.

Mobile Donations Using Apple Pay & Google Pay